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Healing through targeted local delivery of novel therapies

At Stanford University, Dr Thakor directs a unique multidisciplinary program called IRIS - Interventional Radiology Innovation at Stanford which is placed at the intersection of Stanford University, with its world-renowned and pioneering science, and Silicon Valley, with its cutting-edge innovative start-ups and leading industry partners. Our program is designed to bring together scientists, engineers, physicians, healthcare providers, and industry partners, in a cohesive and unified approach with the goal of pioneering Precision Delivery to facilitate creating unique and innovative solutions for unmet clinical needs.

Given Dr Thakor’s clinical focus as a Pediatric Interventional Radiologist, his vision is to make sure children are not forgotten, but instead have a key role, and benefit from, advances in patient care that are driving this new era of Precision Medicine. Hence, his efforts have been dedicated to help ensure that innovations (i.e. technologies, therapies and devices) are effectively translated from the benchtop to the beside not only for adults, but also for sick and unwell children. Through our international collaborations, IRIS has the vision to one day be able to disseminate these cutting-edge approaches and innovative therapies across the world to improve the care and wellbeing of all children.

The Heart of IRIS
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Dr Thakor is an interventional radiologist, translational scientist and entrepreneur who directs IRIS. He undertook his training at the University of Cambridge and has completed 2 doctoral research degrees, 2 masters degrees, 2 sub-specialty certifications in adult and pediatric interventional radiology, and has worked in 2 countries, the UK and Canada, before coming to Stanford University in the US. Here, he helps to drive clinical innovation and translation in some of the world’s most technologically advanced and state-of-the-art operating suites and imaging facilities.

He is a practicing interventional radiologist who runs a translational laboratory and has helped start, advise and strategize for several start-ups as well as larger corporate companies. His goal is to improve patient care and outcomes across multiple disease states in both adult and pediatric patients using locoregional delivery approaches to target specific organs. He has a particular passion for helping children with the majority of his clinical care undertaken at Lucile Packard Children Hospital (LPCH) at Stanford Children’s Health where he helps treat babies and children from as small as 500g to over 100kg.

Dr. Avnesh Thakor
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